Last year I had the wonder opportunity of exploring a small town on the Mediterranean coast of France called Villefranche-sur-Mer. I spent the whole day biking, hiking, and exploring the beautiful coastal town and after my long filled day it became one of my best traveling experiences.

The town is located just outside of Nice, France and it is the perfect size of quaint yet lively. I explored every inch of that town on foot as well as on wheels and made memories that truly lasted a lifetime.


The Town


Sea View

The reason this day trip to a town, few in the United States have probably ever heard, made such an impact on me, was due to the fact that I went there and explored without any clear instructions or any clear path. I did my own thing and had my own agenda and went wherever I wanted to go, and it was such a liberating experience.


Fort du Mont Alban




Relaxing Dinner Right Next to the Shore


Overall my experience was truly magical and made me appreciate the beauty of exploring new and hidden places.


Jumping for Joy


Saying Goodbye as the Sun was Setting